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Licensed Exterminator in Sugar Land, TX

Providing Comprehensive Pest Control in Missouri City, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, TX, and All Surrounding Areas.

Choose effective pest control from True Pest Pros. Our expertly trained and fully licensed exterminator in Sugar Land, TX, will assess your home's infestation problem and take immediate steps to stop insects and other pests in their tracks. We use safe organic solutions that are non-toxic to humans and pets. Contact us today and take back your living spaces. Contact us, today, and take back your living spaces.

Pest Control

Prevent rodents like mice and rats from moving in by knowing how to make your home or office uninviting. Our team would be glad to answer your questions about rodent and insect-proofing your home.

Food crumbs and residue left here and there become food courts for insects and small rodents, especially mice. These pests will often come out at night while everyone is asleep to feed on the extra crumbs lying around. Cleaning away food will minimize the risk. Also, cockroaches are resistant to heat and may be found near ovens or toasters.

Licensed Exterminator in Sugar Land | True Value Pest | Pest Control
Licensed Exterminator in Sugar Land | True Value Pest | Pest Control


Most of our services cost just $49 for any size house. True Pest Pros services are available to commercial and residential clients. Our commitment to you is the resolution of your problem or your money back.

If your home is at least five years old and has never been protected, act now and contact True Pest Pros. We offer interior and exterior services.


Schedule our exterior maintenance services. We return to treat the outside of your home, so nothing finds its way back into the interior of the house. Our team returns every three months to make sure that the pests stay away. We place a particular emphasis on dealing with entry points to your home, like windows and doors. This helps to prevent pests from getting inside.

Contact us at (832) 406-5657, today, to inspect and treat your home for pests like fire ants, termites, bed bugs in Sugar Land, and many more.