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Eliminate Bed Bugs in Sugar Land

Providing Comprehensive Pest Control in Missouri City, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, TX, and All Surrounding Areas.

Stop nasty insect invasions from damaging your home. True Pest Pros offers the first line of defense with products that will stop pests in their tracks. We do a full internal and external house inspection to determine where insects are a problem and then we provide a report and an action plan for you. Contact True Pest Pros, today, for eliminating fire ants, bed bugs in Sugar Land, TX, and many more.


Termites might be one of the most destructive pests you could ever face as a home or business owner. This is why it’s important to get head of them and stop any termite infestation before they get too advanced.

Contact an exterminatior at True Pest Pros, today, for a professional termite inspection in Sugar Land and estimate to eliminate the pests from your home for good.

Fire Ants

True Pest Pros can create a protective barrier around your home, stopping fire ants from coming in. We can also get rid of ant mounds that may be in your yard or garden. We use an environmentally friendly spray that will bring no harm to your household, and is safe for pets and children. The solution dries safely within an hour.

Eliminate Bed Bugs in Sugar Land | True Value Pest | Pest Control
Eliminate Bed Bugs in Sugar Land | True Value Pest | Pest Control | Mosquito Control in Sugar Land, TX

Mosquito Control

Take advantage of the mosquito controlling mist we create around your yard and garden that kills the mosquitoes, without harming your plants. Mosquitoes become more active at night, and they sleep during the day. We will cover all the shrubbery around your home, and if a garden is very mature, for an additional cost, we can create a misting system that sprays throughout the day and evening to kill the mosquitoes. This option can be beneficial if you have children that like to play outside. Regular service can help to lower the number of mosquitoes in your area.

Bed Bugs

The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to get rid of the infected mattress. If this is not an option for you, we can treat the mattress itself. Bed bug eggs stay dormant and only wake up when the bed gets warm from body heat. Mattress treatments for up to a year with checkups every three months can resolve the problem.